First climate-neutral urban district in Ukraine

This project, co-funded by the European Union under a special call for proposals to support Ukrainian displaced persons and the Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors, is being developed in cooperation with LLC „ACC’PORTAL-21“ and StadtLandFluss following successful participation in the 2nd wave of international cooperation projects of ZMINA: Rebuilding.
ZMINA: Rebuilding represents the new program of the IZOLYATSIA Foundation, launched in cooperation with Trans Europe Halles (Sweden) and Malý Berlín (Slovakia).

The sketch adaptation project of a residential district in the center of the city of Izyum, Kharkiv region, considering climatic, economic, and social changes based on the model of the „Climate Urban District“ in the city of Esslingen and the „French Quarter“ in the city of Tübingen, Germany.

To create a sustainable adaptation strategy model for existing neighborhoods in emerging countries in the spirit of NEB – New European Bauhaus – a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal with our living spaces and experiences.

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